LifeToGo and Mark Wahlberg To Donate 1.3 Million Face Masks to Schools

Wearing a face mask is one of the best ways to protect our community from the Covid-19 pandemic. This is especially critical for the health and well-being of the teachers, staff and students who recently returned to the classroom.

In an effort to help keep students and teachers healthy and focused on learning, Mark Wahlberg’s Performance Inspired brand has teamed up with Accelerate360’s active lifestyle brand, LifeToGo, to donate 1.3 million disposable face masks to schools across the United States. This collaborative campaign also features billboards in 13 U.S. cities and a special video message from Mark Wahlberg––all dedicated to showing gratitude for America’s essential workers.

“This is a great opportunity to partner with LifeToGo and help our students and educators across the country to stay healthy and safe so they can focus on education.” said Performance Inspired Founder Mark Wahlberg.

LifeToGo and Performance Inspired worked with local school

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Rural Hospitals Teeter on Financial Cliff as COVID Medicare Loans Come Due

Note to Readers: Sarah Jane Tribble spent more than a year and half reporting on a small town in Kansas that lost its only hospital. This month, KHN and St. Louis Public Radio will launch “Where It Hurts,” a podcast exploring the often painful cracks growing in America’s health system that leave people vulnerable — and without the care they need. Season One is “No Mercy,” focusing on the hospital closure in Fort Scott, Kansas — and what happens to the people left behind, surviving the best way they know how. You can listen to Episode One on Tuesday, Sept. 29.

David Usher is sitting on $1.7 million he’s scared to spend.

The money lent from the federal government is meant to help hospitals and other health care providers weather the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet some hospital administrators have called it a payday loan program that is now, brutally,

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