Coronavirus Puts Prisons In Tight Spot Amid Staff Shortages, Threats Of Lockdown

Federal prison union officials and inmate advocates warn that the combination of chronic understaffing, a new leave policy and the realities of coronavirus quarantines could lead to the first nationwide federal prison lockdown since 1995.

As coronavirus races across the country, staffing challenges are particularly complicated in the nation’s jails and prisons where conditions create a tinderbox for contagion. There is no such thing as teleworking for a correctional officer tasked with guarding inmates.

Union leaders for the Council of Prison Locals worry that existing low staffing levels in federal detention centers and prisons — which have required teachers and other social workers to fill in for correctional officers in the past — will exacerbate the impact of losing staff members to quarantines for coronavirus infections.

The federal prison system, which houses nearly 175,000 inmates, represents only a fraction of the overall prison and jail complex in the United States.

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Want to create a new you? | Health Beat

To help you help you resist the urge for a cigarette, consider taking up a healthy new activity such as walking. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

At the dawn of a new decade, you might be doing a candid self-assessment—a sort of inventory check.

Maybe you’re looking at finances or your career trajectory.

But there’s a pretty good chance you’re assessing your health, too.

For many, that can involve a newfound urge to conquer bad habits and defeat age-old addictions.

These are formidable battles—not something people need to do, or even should do, all on their own.

Want to quit smoking? Get off the sugar train?

As an individual, you can take steps to accomplish these goals in the weeks and months ahead. And there’s a host of resources to assist you in this quest for betterment.

Three Spectrum Health experts shared their knowledge about some of the more common problems

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Crash course in eating the Mediterranean way | Health Beat

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