Mark Wahlberg Is Using Self-Isolation to Step Up His Fitness Game

Now isn’t the time to sit on the couch and binge TV all day. Or at least, it isn’t for Mark Wahlberg, who is using his self-isolation time to step up his wellness and fitness game. The impossibly fit, nearly 50-year-old actor posted a video of some downtime from his latest self-isolation workout to Instagram.

“Everybody at home, make sure you’re doing everything you can to stay as healthy as possible,” he says in the video. “Sanitizing, staying clean, staying fit, getting the proper rest, the proper exercise, doing everything you can to boost your immune system.”

The Spenser Confidential actor, whose social media is always packed with exercise and dieting videos, also co-founded wellness and fitness brand Performance Inspired. PI sells protein powder, bars, multivitamins, and CBD products to try to keep you in top physical shape. The

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Battle the wintertime blues with the right food | Health Beat

Get your vitamin D the natural way to keep the winter blues at bay. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

Getting your share of vitamin D, sometimes called the “sunshine vitamin,” could make or break your mood this winter.

Did you know that a deficiency of D may be linked to multiple medical issues such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cancer and depression, including seasonal affective disorder? All true.

Sunscreen is good, but…

SAD is usually treated with light therapy and other techniques, but research indicates that getting enough vitamin D may also be a factor.

In a perfect world, you would get plenty of vitamin D when your skin is exposed to the sun. But long winters in northern climates and wise use of sunscreen leave many of us shortchanged.

“Statistically, about half of us are deficient in vitamin D and our levels are lowest from February through April,” said Jessica

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