How Lamorne Morris Got Action Hero-Ready For ‘Bloodshot’

Lamorne Morris was looking for an excuse to get in shape when he snagged the role of eccentric coder Wilfred Wigans in Bloodshot, starring alongside Vin Diesel.

“I was carrying some extra weight around, and you don’t want to be the guy that shows up to the set of a superhero movie with a stomach,” says Morris, best known for his hilarious work as Winston in the long-running comedy series New Girl. “I also didn’t know what to expect of working with Vin. Was he going to punch a hole into me for nothing, while wearing a tank top and holding a beer bottle by the neck?”

Bloodshot follows Ray Garrison, as played by Diesel, who is killed in the line of duty and reanimated as a cyber-enhanced soldier. Set up as a viable franchise, the arc of Wigans left the door open for his own super-warrior

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Parents: Take a breath—and a break | Health Beat

You can’t perfectly replicate your child’s school curriculum at home—but you can set up a structure that works for you and your kids. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

COVID-19 has instantly thrust a whole generation of Americans into strange, new territory.

You’ve been expected to abandon your old ways and quickly figure out how to stay at home, work from home and school at home.

That’s a tall order for a lot of folks.

Many of us have long been accustomed to our routines: send the kids off to school each day, pick them up, dart to extracurriculars, prepare meals, do homework, off to bed.

Routine is a bedrock of parenting.

But that’s been tossed out. And you’re suddenly home-schooling. And you can’t have get-togethers with other families in the same boat. In fact, you can’t have any get-togethers.

Melanie Grube, LMSW, a psychotherapist with Spectrum Health, said parents

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