These Abs Exercises Make Core Work Fun (We Swear)

When athletes train, they multitask. Conditioning work may have a dose of hand-eye coordination. Agility drills challenge balance while strengthening the mind-body connection. These combinations aren’t just a means to maximize gym time. “You’re breaking up the monotony of training,” says Ryan Hopkins, founder of Soho Strength Lab in New York City. So he invited us to his turf to run through some of his go-to drills for core strengthening—a famously boring part of a workout. Grab some pals to stoke some friendly competition, and try these games that make core work suck a little less.

1. Cone Stacker

Start in a high plank, feet hip-width apart, a stack of five disk cones behind right hand. Squeeze glutes to maintain form and use right hand to transfer cones to right side (above), then do 5 pushups. Repeat on opposite side, transferring cones

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COVID-19: Heading out for groceries? | Health Beat

At a minimum, you’ll want to rinse your fruits and vegetables thoroughly under running water. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

Workers in the health care, grocery and transportation industries have emerged as essential heroes in this quicksilver COVID-19 timeline.

The rest of us? If we’re dialed into the health guidelines, we’re planted firmly at home.

But at some point, you’ll need to replenish your dwindling grocery supply.

Larger retailers let you order groceries online and pick them up curbside. Some offer delivery, although there are sometimes wait times. There are also home deliveries from Shipt and Instacart. Restaurant takeout and fast food remain viable options.

Using such services will substantially lower your exposure to others, which isn’t a bad thing these days—especially for older people and those with compromised immune systems.

In-store shopping presents various challenges, but can be done by following basic precautions to reduce your

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20 Minute HIIT Workout with Ariel Belgrave

Always wanted to try an exciting new activity, but just not sure where to start? We’re trying out the latest, greatest sports and activities for you and reporting back with our findings, so you know exactly what to expect when trying something for the first time. We tried everything from parkour to trail running and learned the basics straight from experts — and now we’re passing their secrets on to you. So go on, try that new sport for the first time… it probably won’t be your last.

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