The Best Apps for Men to Stream a Workout at Home or in the Gym

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CDC: Mercury-laden skin cream a risk | Health Beat

An ointment containing organic mercury caused a woman in the U.S. to develop severe damage to her nervous system. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

A skin-lightening cream from Mexico that contained toxic mercury left a California woman with significant central nervous system damage, doctors report in a case study.

Many weeks after her initial hospitalization, the woman requires “ongoing tube feeding for nutritional support” and can’t speak or care for herself, according to the authors.

The cream contained a form of organic mercury called methylmercury.

This is the first known case of methylmercury poisoning in the United States in nearly 50 years.

“Most harmful skin-lightening creams are intentionally tainted with inorganic mercury. But in this case, the patient used a skin-lightening product containing organic mercury, which is far more toxic,” said study senior author Dr. Paul Blanc, of the University of California, San Francisco, and California Poison Control System.

Organic mercury

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