‘Baby, I Can’t Breathe’: America’s First ER Doctor To Die In Heat Of COVID-19 Battle

At about 5 a.m. on March 19, a New York City ER physician named Frank Gabrin texted a friend about his concerns over the lack of medical supplies at hospitals.

“It’s busy ― everyone wants a COVID test that I do not have to give them,” he wrote in the message to Eddy Soffer. “So they are angry and disappointed.”

Worse, though, was the limited availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) — the masks and gloves that help keep health care workers from getting sick and spreading the virus to others. Gabrin said he had no choice but to don the same mask for several shifts, against Food and Drug Administration guidelines.

“Don’t have any PPE that has not been used,” he wrote. “No N95 masks ― my own goggles — my own face shield,” he added, referring to the N95 respirators considered among the best lines of defense.

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FDA loosens drug rules | Health Beat

New rules on prescription medicine could help lower drug prices for consumers. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

Federal health officials have unveiled plans to allow prescription drug imports from Canada and other foreign nations.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is proposing a rule under which states could import some prescription drugs from Canada, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar announced recently.

The agency also plans to make it easier for drug manufacturers to import their own FDA-approved drugs that are manufactured abroad and intended for sale in other countries.

“This would potentially allow for the sale of these drugs at lower prices than currently offered to American consumers, giving drug makers new flexibility to reduce list prices,” Azar told reporters.

Azar touted the proposals as “historic.”

All imported drugs would have to be FDA-approved, tested to ensure quality and relabeled to meet U.S. labeling requirements, added Admiral Brett

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Maximize those micronutrients to battle COVID-19 | Health Beat

Pay attention to what you put into your body so you can be your healthiest self. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

While social distancing and proper hand-washing remain the primary means to prevent the spread of COVID-19, there may also be a role for including foods naturally high in zinc and Vitamin C to support your immune system and help prevent illness.

In general, immune function declines as we age. The risk of severe infection with COVID-19 trends with increasing age and pre-existing chronic illness.

A poor diet, characterized by high intake of processed foods and meats with low intake of whole plant foods, is a prime risk factor for chronic disease and is the defining features of the standard American diet.

This diet also creates deficiencies in micronutrients, which are essential vitamins and minerals necessary for proper immune function to prevent both acute and chronic illnesses. Eating a variety of

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