Health Insurers Prosper As COVID-19 Deflates Demand For Elective Treatments

As doctors and consumers are forced to put most nonemergency procedures on hold, many health insurers foresee strong profits.

So why is the industry looking to Congress for help?

Insurers say that while that falloff in claims for non-COVID care is offsetting for now many insurers’ costs associated with the pandemic, the future is far more fraught.

Costs could remain modest or quickly outstrip savings. A recession could drive revenue down. Or the coronavirus could resurge next winter and spike treatment expenses.

All that uncertainty for the companies could trigger far higher premiums for consumers, if insurers hedge their bets. Then again, the current savings insurers are seeing — along with cautions from state regulators about pushing cost-sensitive customers away during an economic downturn — might result in minimal premium increases.

“Insurers are nervous, to be sure,” said Mike Kreidler, Washington state’s insurance commissioner. “But so far they are telling

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A spoonful of gratitude | Health Beat

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Strange days call for simple meals | Health Beat

Soups and stews are perfect for working veggies into your diet—and you can whip up large batches in no time. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

During any season of life, it’s easy to lose inspiration for meal planning.

Life gets busy and we quickly fall back into old meal patterns.

Enter COVID-19.

A season of stress and strain, limited access to grocery stores, fewer fresh ingredients—actually, fewer ingredients in general—all caused by a global pandemic.

When we’re stressed, it’s harder to manage daily decision-making without feeling overwhelmed.

Even if we do find inspiration to create a meal plan, we might arrive at the store only to be greeted with empty shelves.

Bam! Right back into the realm of frozen pizzas and Rice-A-Roni.

What to do?

Rather than seeking out exotic new recipes to decorate your meal plan, consider a few of the balanced meals below.

These are simple meals shared by

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