The Underwater Torpedo Workout Making a Splash

What do you call a melee of big-wave surfers, NFL stars, pro swimmers, and armed forces vets vying for control of a foam toy at the bottom of a pool? Underwater torpedo.

Prime Hall is in the deep end, keeping a death grip on an oblong kiddie pool toy as two pro football players grab at his ankles and an MMA fighter body-locks his waist. Hall shakes them off, backflips, and launches the toy through the small goal on the bottom of the pool—all on a single breath. A former Marine Corps officer, Hall is the founder of the Underwater Torpedo League, the pro arm of a sport that’s akin to submerged rugby (see rules below). “It can look like a free-for-all,” Hall says. “But it is controlled chaos.”

Underwater torpedo requires conditioning,

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Runner’s Power with Imke Salander

Always wanted to try an exciting new activity, but just not sure where to start? We’re trying out the latest, greatest sports and activities for you and reporting back with our findings, so you know exactly what to expect when trying something for the first time. We tried everything from parkour to trail running and learned the basics straight from experts — and now we’re passing their secrets on to you. So go on, try that new sport for the first time… it probably won’t be your last.

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Must-Reads Of The Week From Brianna Labuskes

Hello! I thought I’d shake up the animal news this week and bring you llamas! (You thought I was going to say murder hornets, admit it!)

Will the llamas be the heroes of the coronavirus outbreak? Not really. But they are cute! Why they’re important: They have two different kinds of antibodies, one of which is much smaller than what our bodies produce. The smaller antibodies can do a better job at neutralizing coronaviruses. Which sounds very exciting… until you get to the part where the protection would only last a month or two without another injection.

Once again we have a little bit of non-coronavirus news before we dive into the thick of things. The Supreme Court heard oral arguments — over the phone! — about the Trump administration’s changes to the health law contraception mandate. Chief Justice John Roberts, who has emerged as a crucial vote

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