COVID Bailout Cash Goes To Big Players That Have Paid Millions To Settle Allegations Of Wrongdoing

The Trump administration has sent hundreds of millions of dollars in pandemic-related bailouts to health care providers with checkered histories, including a Florida-based cancer center that agreed to pay a $100 million criminal penalty as part of a federal antitrust investigation.

At least half of the top 10 recipients, part of a group that received $20 billion in emergency funding from the Department of Health and Human Services, have paid millions in recent years either in criminal penalties or to settle allegations related to improper billing and other practices, a Kaiser Health News review of government records shows.

They include Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute, one of the nation’s largest U.S. oncology practices, which in late April said it would pay a $100 million penalty for engaging in a nearly two-decade-long antitrust scheme to suppress competition. A top Justice Department lawyer described the plot as “limiting treatment options available

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Want better health? Shun fad diets and supplements | Health Beat

A spoonful of supplemental vitamins can’t hold a candle to a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole foods. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

You’ve cut back on calories and you keep count of your steps throughout your day to make sure you hit the magic number of 10,000.

Still, you get on the scale in the morning and find the number creeping up.


According to the developers of the GOLO diet, established in 2009, our inability to lose weight and maintain weight loss has to do with insulin resistance.

Insulin is a hormone our bodies produce naturally in the pancreas. It allows cells to uptake glucose, or sugar, from the foods we eat, converting it to a form our cells can use as energy or store for later use.

Insulin helps keep blood sugar levels from getting too high (hyperglycemia) or too low (hypoglycemia).

When insulin resistance

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