Listen: Tough Talk On Capitol Hill

Julie Rovner, Kaiser Health News’ chief Washington correspondent, discussed the reopening of the economy in many states despite rising numbers of coronavirus cases, testimony on Capitol Hill by Drs. Anthony Fauci and Rick Bright, and other health developments with WBUR’s Meghna Chakrabarti on Friday’s “On Point” broadcast. Also on the panel were Julie Pace, Washington bureau chief for the Associated Press, and Stephen Henderson, host of “Detroit Today.”

Rovner was also on Wisconsin Public Radio earlier this week discussing Fauci’s and Bright’s appearances before congressional committees. That broadcast is available here.

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‘You put your heart and soul into it’ | Health Beat

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Make food last for large families | Health Beat

Consider these 16 tips for how to make your budget stretch. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

The COVID-19 crisis has made meal prep and planning more important than ever.

Trips to the store are limited and household budgets are being reduced. At the same time, it remains important to maintain a strong immune system by enjoying immune-boosting foods such as fresh produce, healthy fats and lean proteins.

The key is arriving at the store with a plan of how we will store, prepare and serve the food we bring home.

16 tips for feeling full on less

1. Stretch ground beef with mushroom, beans, shredded cabbage or even oats. Use a balanced blend to prepare burgers, meatloaf or taco meat.

2. Choose cooked beans over ground meat when preparing your favorite chili recipe. You could also use a combination of both plant and animal proteins.

3. Add volume to your meal

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