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Happy Friday! A quick editor’s note before we dive in: This will be the last edition of The Breeze from yours truly. Never fear, though, it will be in great hands going forward and you’ll continue to get your weekly updates on all things coronavirus (and other health news, if that’s ever a thing again). Thank you for reading these past two years. It’s been an honor and a privilege and I’ve loved hearing from so many of you. You make it all worth it.

Now, enough of that! On to the news.

Nothing drives home the grim U.S. COVID death toll — almost at 86,000 as I write this — like a national shortage of body bags. Funeral directors across the country say they are struggling to give the deceased dignity in death as bodies pile up and morgues are overwhelmed. Sometimes body bags are being used two

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The wonders of EVOO | Health Beat

Used as a bread-dipping sauce in place of butter, olive oil can ax calories while adding substantial health benefits. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

Lower your risk of disease. Fight inflammation. Make veggies even healthier.

Can extra virgin olive oil really do all this, plus taste great?

It can—and more.

“Of all the oils out there, olive oil has the most researched and evidence-based studies behind it, whether it’s to reduce heart disease, strokes, diabetes and Alzheimer’s, or to fight free radical damage associated with cancer and inflammation in the body,” said Irene Franowicz, RD, CDE, who teaches the Eating the Mediterranean Way class series.

Oh, so good

Olive oil contains polyphenols, which are compounds found in plant food sources that have antioxidant properties, Franowicz said.

The benefits here are many: lowering inflammation by fighting free radical damage. Acting like Ibuprofen by reducing inflammation and soothing joint pain. Protecting brain cells

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