Get Shredded With This Chris Hemsworth-Approved Bodyweight Workout

You know what everyone could use more of? Effective bodyweight workout ideas. If you’ve been passing your time in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic working out by day and watching Netflix by night, you’ve no doubt seen Chris Hemsworth’s imposing physique deliver a major ass-kicking as a black-market mercenary in the action-thriller ExtractionLet both words collide and try this killer bodyweight workout from the actor’s fitness and wellness app, Centr.

The app just launched a brand-new series called Unleashed. The six-week program requires no equipment (win) and is accessible for all fitness levels, with options to select beginner, intermediate, or advanced baseline intensities. The Unleashed program also brings some new features to Centr. Each week comprises five workouts, one stretching-focused session, and a bonus challenge—all geared toward weight loss, boosting muscle tone, and furthering cardiovascular fitness.

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