Baltimore’s ‘Squeegee Boys’: ‘If We Don’t Go Out, We Don’t Eat’

BALTIMORE ― On the corner of South President and East Pratt streets in Baltimore a little over a month ago, a young man in a black hoodie stood out on an otherwise empty intersection. A single gold chain with a cross hung around his neck. With a squeegee in his left blue-latex-gloved hand and a plastic spray bottle in his right — filled with a solution of vinegar, water and glass cleaner — he watched for the traffic lights to turn red and a chance to make some money.

Evay H., 21, tries to clean windshields for a small donation from the drivers. He’s lucky if he gets $2 a vehicle. It’s not much, but it’s something.

He used to be a food runner and busser at the celebrated Charleston Restaurant on Baltimore’s Harbor East front, which, like many dining establishments around the country, was forced to shutter in March

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Heed the sneaky calories | Health Beat

Nibbles of candy might seem insignificant in the moment, but they can add up in calories after just a few days. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

You’ve worked hard to curb mindless eating by not watching TV with a bag of chips in your lap—and you log everything you do eat in your smartphone app.

But you could still be taking in more calories than you realize.

The fact is that throughout each day, you’re bombarded by sneaky sources of extra calories that never get recorded in that journal of yours.

And the result could sabotage your weight-loss diet or add unwanted weight.

For instance, your office could be a diet war zone if bowls of candy sit on every other desk. That nibbling adds up, so swear off these caloric pit stops.

The same goes for the lollipop bowl at your bank or dry cleaners.

Go “hands-free” on the free

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