How Brad Pitt Got Shredded for ‘Snatch’: Boxing Workout

Brad Pitt has been fit since he came on the scene in Hollywood, but there are a few of his movie physiques that are etched indefinitely in our brains. The first is Fight Club, in which he played the underground resistance leader Tyler Durden. The dirty, shirtless image of him standing over a bloodied opponent, celebratory cigarette hanging from his lips, has remained a physical pillar of masculinity for many a young man (even if it’s a bit stereotypical).

But there is a movie that rivals his Fight Club physique—the gritty Guy Ritchie drama he filmed right after, Snatch.

Onscreen as the tattooed Irish brawler, “One Punch” Mickey O’Neil, Pitt was still the epitome of lean but he gained more mass, specifically on his arms and shoulders. Between the two projects, he put on somewhere between five

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Fats and carbs—a balancing act | Health Beat

Your heart health can benefit by shifting toward a diet rich in polyunsaturated fats, which includes walnuts, sunflower, flax seeds and fatty fish. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

What is the perfect amount of fats and carbohydrates for a healthy diet?

Scientists from McMaster University in Canada analyzed food diaries from more than 135,000 people in 18 countries around the world to find out.

The answer supports the old adage that moderation is good for your heart and a longer life, specifically that eating moderate amounts of carbs and fats rather than very high or very low intakes of either is better for you—with a few twists.

The carb intake of study participants ranged from 46% to 77% of daily calories. The higher the percentage, the greater the association with an increased risk of death, heart attack and stroke.

Yet going low-carb didn’t convey benefits—50% of daily calories seems to be

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