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While we transition from one talented newsletter editor to the next, regular readers will be subjected to yet another guest writer, me, Rachel Bluth, a KHN reporter in Sacramento, California. Don’t worry though, we’re maintaining a sense of continuity. The writer is different, but the news is the same: bad. Here are the stories you might have missed this week if you were binge-watching Netflix to escape reality.

Surge, Baby Surge

Does it feel like spring? Looking only at the coronavirus infection rates, one might think it was still April. States keep insisting on reopening, and the virus has reached its highest U.S. case count in two months.

Texas, Florida, Arizona and California have all

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For A Black Social Media Manager In The George Floyd Age, Each Click Holds Trauma

Recently, as I scrolled the more than 1 million tweets connected to the hashtag #Black_Lives_Matter, this is what flashed before my eyes: the black-and-white dashcam video of Philando Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, in handcuffs crying, her 4-year-old daughter trying to comfort her; protesters in Berlin standing in solidarity with the BLM movement; a Now This video of a young Black girl calling herself ugly; police attacking protesters and protesters fighting back; an image of George Floyd unable to breathe.

Suddenly neither could I. My chest tightened, my heart beat faster and hot tears began to bubble from my eyes.

For a person of color, engaging in this moment of collective trauma — whether by watching and sharing the video of George Floyd’s death, discussing racial injustice on social media or speaking out in the 3D world — involves anxiously teetering across the fine lines between personal experience, obligations to the

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