Essential Worker Shoulders $1,840 Pandemic Debt Due To COVID Cost Loophole

Carmen Quintero works an early shift as a supervisor at a 3M distribution warehouse that ships N95 masks to a nation under siege from the coronavirus. On March 23, she had developed a severe cough, and her voice, usually quick and enthusiastic, was barely a whisper.

A human resources staff member told Quintero she needed to go home.

“They told me I couldn’t come back until I was tested,” said Quintero, who was also told that she would need to document that she didn’t have the virus.

Her primary care doctor directed her to the nearest emergency room for testing because the practice had no coronavirus tests.

The Corona Regional Medical Center is just around the corner from her house in Corona, California, and there a nurse tested her breathing and gave her a chest X-ray. But the hospital didn’t have any tests either, and the nurse told her to

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Hammock safety 101 | Health Beat

They can be wonderful places of cozy comfort, surrounded by nature. They can also be dangerous if not used or set up correctly. Here’s what you should know. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

For centuries, hammocks have been used for swinging, sleeping, or just plain relaxing.

While they may seem fun-filled and relatively harmless, hammocks do have their down sides, as evidenced by the death of two sisters in Ohio earlier this summer. The hammock that held the girls was attached to a brick pillar, which collapsed on top of them.

Health officials and safety experts say hammocks are not usually a significant source of traumatic injuries, but it’s important to know how to properly use and secure them.

“Many injuries happen because the hammock was not secured properly,” said Meaghan Crawley, MSN, RN, who is the trauma injury prevention coordinator for Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital.

“If it is not

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