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July is a time for sunshine, swimsuits and serious sweat sessions. It’s also a time to make sure we all stay cool, covered and safe. That’s why MISSION Instant Cooling Gear and their proathlete founders are dedicated to spreading the importance of National Heat Safety Month this July.

Co-founder Chris Valletta, former NFL player, experienced heat related illness during his college and professional football playing days — so this initiative is personal for him.

Mission is so passionate about Heat Safety they invested in The Mission Heat Safety Lab at UConn’s Korey Stringer Institute. Mission products have been tested on athletes with state-of-the-art equipment like high speed treadmills, advanced bike ergometers and a comprehensive physiological monitoring system — so you know these items are legit!

Mission Gym

“Mission and the Heat Safety Coalition has the ultimate goal of improving heat safety in the consumer and industrial settings. These cooling products are

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Keep your cool in dangerous heat | Health Beat

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are real possibilities as the heat index soars, even in the young. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

Can’t handle the heat?

No wonder. This week brings us sizzling 90-plus temperatures and humidity that drapes the air like a wet blanket. That brings the heat index―the measure of how hot it feels―close to 100 degrees.

Now is a good time to learn about the risks of heat-related illnesses and how to prevent them, said James Schweigert, MD, the medical director of the Spectrum Health Emergency Department.

When the temperature gets around 90 degrees or above, it’s common to see patients in the emergency department with heat exhaustion. Patients show up suffering from generalized weakness, dizziness, fatigue and cramps. And many don’t connect their symptoms with the heat.

In rare cases, he sees patients who suffer from heatstroke―a more serious, and potentially deadly condition. Heatstroke can be

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Cooking With Pantry Staples | MyFitnessPal

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