Single Best Hip Exercise for Men

If you’re going to work one joint, pick your hips. And if you want to do the single best hip exercise for men, choose the deadlift.

Your hips are one of the body’s biggest weight-bearing joints. They’re also the epicenter of human movement, affecting everything that happens in your upper and lower body, as well as your core. 

Your hips also comprise 21 separate muscles, including some of your body’s largest and most powerful. And the deadlift works them all. 

“It’s a no-brainer,” says Tony Gentilcore, C.S.C.S., strength coach and owner of CORE training studio outside Boston. “Among all hip exercises, deadlifts are at the top of the pyramid.”

Why the Deadlift Is So Effective

When it comes to training the hips, deadlifts check all the boxes. They use one of the most fundamental human movement patterns, the hinge, to improve hip strength and power. 

And by honing function and

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Got pea milk? | Health Beat

If you’ve got an eye on protein and vitamin content, you’ll quickly find soy milk and pea milk stand out among dairy alternatives. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

Taking a stroll down the dairy aisle, families are now encountering a large variety of plant and nut-based milks.

It can get a bit overwhelming.

While dairy alternatives all have “milk” right in the name, some are less than ideal sources of nutrition for growing children.

Families seek out alternative dairy products for a variety of reasons, often relating to health issues such as milk allergies or dairy intolerance. In some cases, parents may also want to adopt a more plant-based lifestyle, embracing veganism or certain forms of vegetarianism.

No matter the reason, it’s important to understand how these various products stack up on nutritional content.

Here’s a look at the common milk alternatives:


Kids rely on protein for growth and development.

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