5 of the Most Breathtaking Runs in Crater Lake National Park

Did you know that Crater Lake in Oregon is the deepest lake in the United States? Its sapphire waters are easy on the eyes, and the climbs in and around this caldera are steep enough to make even the most seasoned trail runner feel worked.

On a road trip through some iconic public lands awhile back, we scouted the area around Crater Lake National Park for the best trail runs. Here’s what we found.

Rim Trail

There are several different places to pick up the Rim Trail. We parked our van at the Rim Village Visitor Center near Crater Lake Lodge and headed northwest (clockwise around the lake.) Contrary to what the name suggests, the Rim Trail doesn’t go all the way around the lake. It does, however, give you stunning views of the lake and Wizard Island.

You’ll definitely want to bring your camera along on this run;

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