Antony Starr Talks Superhero Training for ‘The Boys’

Growing up in New Zealand, Antony Starr spent his days with the surf and Shodokan Aikido. That martial arts background came in handy when the actor starred in Banshee and shooting his role as The Homelander in Amazon’s new hit superhero series The Boys. These days when he’s not filming, he still gets out in the surf. So while a few more people may know his name, not much has changed.

Before The Boys

One of my first major roles back in New Zealand was in a drama series where I portrayed a rugby player. I didn’t have a lot of time or resources to work out, but I wanted to get in as good of shape as possible, given how physically demanding the sport is. I haven’t always played superfit guys, but I have always felt like staying in shape is crucial regardless of the role, especially

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