KHN on the Air This Week

KHN chief Washington correspondent Julie Rovner discussed what the U.S. elections mean for on the BBC’s “Business Day” on Tuesday.

KHN senior correspondent Liz Szabo discussed COVID-19 vaccines on Newsy’s “Morning Rush” on Tuesday and on iHeartRadio’s “The Daily Dive” on Wednesday.

KHN Midwest correspondent Lauren Weber spoke to Margie Shafer on KCBS Radio in San Francisco on Wednesday about how more than 20 states aren’t fully counting COVID-19 antigen tests.

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Need a flu shot? Curbside is the way to go | Health Beat

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5 tips for attaining optimal health | Health Beat

Doesn’t this look amazing? Follow your taste buds and brain when picking smart, healthy options. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

Want to have more energy and feel better about yourself?

Then it’s time to embrace your healthy weight and say goodbye to diets forever with an approach called “mindful eating.”

“Living a healthy lifestyle includes more than just what you eat and drink,” said Caren Dobreff, a registered dietitian with Spectrum Health. “Restful sleep, regular exercise, strength training, stress reduction, social interaction as well as avoiding tobacco and too much alcohol all factor into the equation of being healthy.”

Eating mindfully includes different aspects surrounding food.

Your eating environment can also dictate (or influence) what you eat and how fast you eat.

When we look at eating patterns with positive health outcomes such as the Mediterranean approach, we see that eating with others is as important and as much

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