Explore these 7 new reasons to garden | Health Beat

There’s no better time than now to get into gardening. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

As gardening continues to make its comeback, people are getting used to the obvious benefits, like thriving farm markets, farm-to-table restaurants and a boost in backyard bee populations.

But there are even richer paybacks for those willing to get their hands a little dirty, even if it’s just with container plants on their patio, said Meghan Jados, a registered dietitian at Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Hospital.

Just over one in three Americans grow some kind of food, according to the National Gardening Association, the highest level in decades.

Many of them are health and eco-conscious millennials like Jados, who are embracing gardens in record numbers.

“We moved into a new house about five years ago on 3 acres,” she said. “The previous owners had a huge garden and had already done much of the work.

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Add some oomph to your oats | Health Beat

Nuts and berries add a new dimension of nutrition to a bowl of oats by boosting the fiber and antioxidant content. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

Want to add pizzazz to your morning bowl of oats? Here’s how to spice things up and boost the nutrition.

Oats are rich in important minerals like manganese, which plays a role in controlling blood sugar. They also happen to be very high in fiber, important for gut and heart health.

Nuts and seeds are great toppings for oats that you might be enjoying already. But adding fruit and spices boosts the antioxidant level of your breakfast with very few extra calories.

The following recipe hits the mark on many counts.

It includes turmeric, a healing spice with thousands of medical studies behind it. Turmeric also tastes great when combined with fruit, so this recipe includes mango, rich in vitamins A and C, among others.

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