How to curb the at-home snack attack | Health Beat

As snacks go, it’s hard to beat a concoction of yogurt, nuts and berries. It’s healthy, filling and always delicious. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

Work a while. Take a break. Walk to the fridge. Have a snack.

And repeat.

If you’re among the many working from home because of COVID-19 restrictions, this routine might sound familiar.

Long hours working at home. Easy access to the refrigerator. The stressors of 2020.

They’ve all conspired to create a common problem: mindless snacking.

“It’s definitely something that people are struggling with,” said Holly Dykstra, RD, a dietitian with Spectrum Health Preventive Cardiology. “Increased isolation and stress can cause disrupted eating patterns. It’s easy to feel like you’re by yourself on an island. But if you know that the rest of humanity is also experiencing this, maybe you can give yourself some compassion, accept the situation, and then move on without using

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