Factors that will Help You Choose Between a Gun and a Bow

What if there were no grocery stores. To get food you would have to go hunting. Therefore, given a choice between a gun and a bow which one would you choose? Real survivalists will choose a bow over a gun. If you are not sure on the one to choose, you need to consider the pros and cons of each item. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of picking a bow.

Choosing a bow means you will never run out of ammo. It is simple to collect the arrows and re-use them, and you can make them out of almost anything.

Bows produce minimum noise when shooting arrows. Thus, why a bow is perfect when you want to hunt silently.

Bows offer you multiple uses. For example, you can use a bow to start a fire.

The ease of making the bow is the other reason to pick. It is simple for anyone to design a bow.

The bow offers you the chance to grow your other skills. Shooting an arrow with a bow will enhance your body muscles and hand-eye coordination.

Low power rate is the first demerit of choosing a bow. It is hard to bring a big animal down with an arrow.

It is also hard to learn how to use a bow. You will need years of practice to shoot accurately with the bow.

The other disadvantage is that bow is not suitable for far distance targets.

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Power is the first major advantage of choosing a gun. You will easily bring even big animals down with a gun.

It is easy to learn how to use a gun.

The gun offers you the advantages of shooting at targets in a long distance.

A gun only has countable bullets. You can only use a bullet once.

The other disadvantage of choosing a gun is having to clean it frequently. You will need to buy gun-cleaning kit and learn more about how to do it.

The other disadvantage of a gun is making too much noise. The loud sound of the gunshot will scare away the animals when hunting.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits and limitations of choosing a bow in comparison to gun you can click here for more information on this website. Therefore, you will find more interesting facts about guns and bows when you visit this site. You will aim to learn more to know between a gun and a bow which is better.