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You can save money by purchasing fewer animal products and instead upping your consumption of plant-based proteins. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

With the whirlwind of the initial COVID-19 shutdown now months behind us, most grocery stores have finally managed to re-stock their shelves—and keep them stocked.

We’ve all been relieved to find our usual grocery list usable again.

You may have noticed, however, the grocery bill is not back to normal.

As of June, the total increase in food prices for U.S. consumers is 4.5%.

If we were to break this down into food categories, the price increase for meat, poultry, fish and eggs is No. 1—at a 12.8% increase.

Beverages are second at 5.3%, while dairy ranks third at 5.1%.

Cereals and baked goods saw a 3.3% increase.

There’s no food shortage, but simple supply and demand—along with the closing of some meat processing plants, alongside job woes—has

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